Hi! If you're building with Spring Boot, using Slack, GitHub.com, and either Travis CI, Jenkins, Circle CI or Codeship, Atomist Alpha is for you.

Tell us a little about yourself and we'll be in touch!
The private Alpha is a small group, and if we're unable to have you join now, we will certainly be back in touch when you can get access.
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Which tools do you use?

Atomist integrates with tools like GitHub, Slack, Travis CI, Jenkins. We want to make sure we can help with the tools you're using, and if we don't already support them, it will help us prioritize.

Code Collaboration

Code collaboration in the Cloud?

e.g. are you using a SaaS service for code collaboration like GitHub.com or BitBucket Cloud (versus self-hosting GitHub Enterprise, etc.)
Project Tracking & Issues

Continuous Integration

Containers & Container Management

Monitoring & Ops

Do you use development tools in the cloud or self-hosted?

As in, do you use GitHub.com or GitHub Enterprise? Jenkins in the Cloud or self-hosted?

Can you use Atomist now? *

If we have a spot in the Alpha open up, can you use Atomist with GitHub.com, Slack, and Travis CI or Jenkins right away on a project, and commit time to use the product and discuss feedback with us?
Sweet. Thanks for that.
Less shaving, more shipping is coming. We'll be in touch!

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